Monday, August 8

Aston Villa ban players from fantasy football

In the midst of fears about the leakage of Jack Grealish’s injury, Aston Villa have prevented their teams from engaging in fantasy football competitions.

In the Fantasy Premier League, more than seven million people compete. Teams are chosen from actual players who can be substituted or sold, with points earned for goals scored, assists, or clean sheets. Several Villa players are believed to have teams and any changes to those selections can be seen in any round of top-flight fixtures around an hour before the first match.

On Friday night, when the new transfer deadline for the game expired before Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leeds United. And a Twitter account named FPL Insider posted that three Villa players, Matt Targett, Conor Hourihane, and Neil Taylor, said in a tweet. It was two days before Villa was due to face Leicester City

Villa chiefs are aware that this is not the only way that Grealish injury news may have been leaked. They think it is unethical for players and workers to engage in fantasy football games and potentially use their inside information that the public could see. Other clubs are also looking at whether team confidentiality may be breached by their players and staff.

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