Thursday, October 6

Footballers exodus continues

The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) office bearers, who have been occupied solving its internal dispute and busy preparing for its Special General Meeting is yet to fix the dates of domestic leagues. As a result, an exodus of football players’ tales goes on.

Recently, most of the players along with the regular members of the National Football Team have been departing for Australia to pursue their future. Rajan Gurung, Mikchhen Tamang, Rumesh Bertaula, Rabi Thing, and Amir Shrestha have been added to the long list of players going abroad.

In the last 5 months, more than a dozen national and top-tier division players have reached Australia. National players Bimal Rana, and Hemant Thapa Magar flew in July. Suman Lama, Ashish Lama, Santosh Tamang, Darshan Gurung, and Nabin Gurung stepped into Australia in May.

Young goalkeeper Rohit Karki also reached Australia last month. Moreover, Heman Gurung, Alan Neupane, Jagjit Shrestha, Sabindra Shrestha, Sulav Maskey, and Bimal Basnet have been residing in Australia for a long time.

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