Tuesday, September 21

Players, CAN react to Akhtar’s allegations

Players and Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) have reacted to Amir Akhtar’s demand on an investigation on the involvement of a CAN member, captains, and players in the Baliyo Nepal campaign.

CAN Member Chhumbi Lama, National Team captain Gyanendra Malla and Former captain Paras Khadka released an statement on Thursday saying the baseless allegations were unjust. Everest Premier League’s founder Akhtar wrote an email to CAN after member and players spoke on an online discussion organized by Baliyo Nepal Initiative.

In the statement, the players and member expressed their serious concern on the news that was published regarding the allegations. They said the allegation is baseless and affected on player’s character. They also raised a question on an individual giving an ultimatum to an independent body like CAN.

On this matter, CAN secretary Ashoknath Pyakurel said that the Association has received such an email but will need to discuss it with the board before acting on it. ‘We are aware of receiving an email related to the incident from Mr. Akhtar. We will discuss this with the board and then see if we can do anything,’ Pyakurel said.

He also added that such emails are not new to the board. ‘We get many such emails. But when there are questions about our member and players, we will talk to our officials and see if there is anything,’ he added, ‘Regarding the ultimatum, this is not a court case or anything and the individual should look at himself before saying such.’

Akhtar’s Email to CAN:

Press Release from players:

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