Thursday, June 24

PSG claim referee swore at them

PSG played Manchester City in their semi-final match of UCL 2021 in which they lost. But it’s not what’s making the headline. PSG players and their coach Pochettino have claimed that referee swore at them.

“We talk about respect with referees – the referee tonight said fuck off to Leandro Paredes,” Herrera told the French multimedia outlet RMC Sport. “If we say that we get a three- or four-match ban.” Herrera’s colleague Marco Verratti said in a post-match interview that the official had also assaulted him.

PSG’s manager, Mauricio Pochettino, said he believed his players. “I didn’t hear anything from the touchline,” he said. “If something is there and is how they explained, maybe Uefa will investigate the situation. But now that’s not an excuse I can put in front of you the most important thing is we’re not in the final and that’s why we feel really sad.”

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