Sunday, March 26

Tuladhar re-elected as Sankata Club’s president

By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu – The Martyr’s Memorial ‘A’ Division league side Sankata Club formed its new working committee from its 71st Annual General Meeting.

The new Executive Committee of the Club will be led by the then General Secretary of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), Indraman Tuladhar. Tuladhar (138) received 56 more votes than his competitor Surendra Sikhakar (82) to be re-elected as the President of the club.

Similarly, Raju Man Tuladhar, Chandra Man Tuladhar, Ram Suwal, and Rajendra Tuladhar are the elected vice-president of the club. In addition, Nalina Devi Singh defeated Gita Sikhakar by 55 votes to be the Female Vice President of the club.

While Ramesh Dhwaj Basnet has been elected as General Secretary, Aashish Man Singh has been picked as Secretary. Rabi Harsha Bajracharya has been voted for Treasurer and Rajendra Khadki remained Deputy Treasurer.

Furthermore, Nani Maiya Dangol, Sudan Bajracharya, Aashish Chandra Sikhakar, Ramesh Man Tuladhar, Ajay Tuladhar, Shanti Sikhakar, Kanaiya Bajracharya, Mahesh Man Maharjan, Bimala Tuladhar, Birendra Magarjan, and Sugan Sikhakar are the new executive members of the club.

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